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Electric License plate frame flipper turn off American USA type

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Posted: 12/15/16 01:47 AM

License plate flipper — is a rotating plate. If you have 2 plates — you don’t have to change them with a screwdriver. Press the button and plates will be changed. Installation doesn’t require cutting the bumper or the body of the car. Mechanism is hidden behind replaceable panel.


Material of construction: metal

Case Size: 18x33x2 inch

Inner size: 30×15 cm

Frame supply voltage: 12 V

Color — black


1 plate

1 button control

As soon as you press the button, the plate is flipped 180 degrees so one plate is replaced by another. The entire construction of the device is made of a metal, which complicates dismantling of the plate. The construction is designed in such a way that it can work even when fully submerged in water. Such device is used if the car officially uses 2 license plates. Important! This function is only valid in the countries where it is allowed by law.

Installation and Operation:

The plate requires periodic maintenance — lubrication of rubbing parts once a month in summer and 2 times a month in winter (or more — depending on operating conditions).Before installation, lubricate the drive cable oil (shed from the motor side).


We take no responsibility for the use of this product in violation of any laws or regulations. We are against traffic violations! This product is only to protect number plates from theft.
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