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A Street Racers Safety Package

David Wallwork
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Posted: 03/21/14 01:52 PM

Street racing can be extremely dangerous when testing your limits. It pays to be protected. My car club can help with this.
When you are injured in a covered accident that requires emergency treatment or hospital admission within 72 hours, My club's Security membership provides :Emergency Reimbursement Benefits Receive up to $500 emergency cash for Emergency Room or Trama Center treatment received due to injury in a covered accident. Includes up to $100 in cost for each of the following: 1. Cast or Splints 2. Ambulance Service 3. Anesthetics 4. X-Rays 5. ER Facility

Daily Hospital Benefit $54,750 Hospital cash benefits. You will receive $150 per day beginning the first day you are hospitalized as a result of a covered accident for up to 365 consecutive days. Be able to still collect a paycheck when you cant work.

This an much more such as arrest bonds, bail bonds, attorney fee's, and tickets.. we can keep you out of jail.

Drop in and check us out.. if you play its good to be protected.  

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