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If you're not ready for the winter...

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Posted: 12/06/13 05:10 PM

It's been a bit since I've visited here and I've missed contributing to keep all of you abreast of things with keeping your rides running reliably. I've been a bit busy with health concerns as of late and trying to stay alive long enough to enjoy n this site. I'm alive and all is well, so, no worries.
I'm working in another dealership, as of late and I continue to see the same worry some concerns that seem to plague novice car owners. Maintenance. It's a simple enough concept for most of us in the know, but those poor novice owners... What to do with those noobies. Noobies are just like any of us, but they need a hand in king their cars running or getting it to a point where they can just have it run at all.
I would like to first like to start by giving about tire pressure, as this seems to be a problem for even the most knowledgeable in the shop I work in as well. For those of you that know, smile as I know that you're most likely tired of trying to explain to said customer or friend why proper tire pressure is important. Ha, ha, ha! Any way, looking on your B pillar or on your door, for starters, is a good way to see what the tire pressure of any vehicle should be. All have different pressures and will vary depending on model. If you have installed +1 or +2 sized wheels and tires, the psi will still be the same as what is posted on the door or B pillar sticker. Simple. There is a max tire pressure on the tire, but that is only meant to be used if you are going on a lengthy trip with a modest load of, let's say luggage and full load of grown folk. NOTE! Only the rear tires should be set to this max tire pressure that is posted on the tire! You could set the fronts to this pressure, but it would put a serious tax on how well your brakes will perform when applied. Which brings me to my next bit of information.
Most people like keeping their tire pressure to a point where they feel that the roll effort is some what easy. That's cool and all, but stopping effectively is more important than getting up to speed. You see, higher than suggested tire pressures contribute to premature brake wear, abnormal and premature tire wear, suspension wear and abnormal performance concerns that just don't create a safe and sound experience. Of course, when things are new, it doesn't seem like it affects any thing, BUT give it time and you'll start wondering why you only got a year on those pads or wonder why the suspension bushings broke or wonder why your tires seem to wear on only the inner tread or in the center... Sound familiar? Over a short period of time, your alignment gets affected as well and that is the time when you realize that your suspension and steering components are worn or done.
I've written about this subject in the past and I find that bringing it back always seems to have a positive response with the noobies. We all have to do our best to show what we tuners are all about. I've always said that it doesn't matter what you drive as long as you have the passion to build it the way you want. Foreign, Domestic... who cares? It's all good when you build it up! Right?
How you drive is your buisness. Remember that you're not the only one on the road!
Educate, don't hate.

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