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2003 Eclipse idle problem after cleaning iac valve and intake

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Posted: 08/24/14 10:19 AM

Ok so I am a very amateur Mechanic well I shouldn't even use the word mechanic lol so my 2003 Eclipse was throwing a 401 and 403 code (egr problems) so first of all I cant even find the damn egr so while searching online I found a video that said if I clean the throttle body and Iac it should fix the flow and I should be good. So after doing that the car started right back up and I went on a little test drive to see if the code comes back on. well after about 3 miles (basically when the car warmed up) the check engine light comes on then my car will die if I am not giving it gas! so basically it dies when I stop. It did not do that before i did the cleaning it actually ran perfect. So I unplugged the battery again made sure I put it all together right and started it up I stayed running perfect while sitting in my garage about 10 min then took it for a drive again and at about 4 miles the same thing happened! ugh I need help I am low on funds right now so I really need to fix this my self please help guys!  

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