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gt86 headlights to FR-S connections

Mike Kendrick
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Posted: 11/09/13 10:36 AM

Need help with wiring the new gt86 headlights to the factory plug. Need to repin them and I think Im supposed to un hook the factor resister.

Heres the instructions I found however, it does not mention the resister? Any help ??

Heres his install instructions?

One guy Has the stock red and black and the other two are Green and white. According to this guy, the stock low beams (red ) connect to the JDM HID pink/red (pink/red power) black (ground).

Then take the stock Green/white high beams ( green hot ) white (ground ) and connect to JDM LED Wite/black (white power ) black ground.

At this point he said The JDMs will work as follows.  Normal low beams will be the HIDs and high beams will be LEDs and also become daytime running lights (DRLs ) so when the light position is "off" those will still be on.

Another install I found showed that the stock resistor should be disconnect and not used because its used for the stock lights only?  Man if you can help, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks alot,



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