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advice for my 300zx

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Posted: 11/29/11 10:47 PM

i need some advice and suggestions on wwhat to do to my 300zx  

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Posted: 11/30/11 09:21 AM

First, what's been done to it so far? Body kit, engine mods, brakes, exhaust, etc., etc. Can't give straight advice unless some thing of value has been done. If nothing's been done, then I suggest starting with suspension and brakes then engine mods like a turbo and related parts, ECU, injectors and stuff. The list is long and you really don't have to start in any real order, assuming that you want extra power that is. With any build, though, you really have to plan out a goal and have real expectations about what you want. A lot of people come onto the site looking for advice on this subject and there isn't a real anwer to it other than just getting started. There is no real starting point to a build, but there is a method to the madness of getting there. I suggest starting with simple stuff like brakes and suspension and then building up from there. Let's face it. You can't go fast unless you can't stop or perform properly. Right? I hope this helps you at least get a leg up on what you want. Have fun, bro.
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