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350z Exhaust

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Posted: 10/07/11 02:58 PM

Okay, I have a stock 2008 350z and I'm wondering what kind of exhaust would be best for my car. I've narrowed it down to GReddy Ti-C exhaust or the Borla Cat-Back system. I love the sound of both but everywhere I read online it says that going with the larger exhaust (The GReddy Ti-C 70mm) will cause loss of power. Is this true? and if so would the Borla be a better choice? I also don't plan on turbocharging it anytime soon.  

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Posted: 10/10/11 08:06 PM

Well, there goes your answer. Once you go with bigger diameter exhaust and you haven't done any engine upgrades, you get top end lag. You would have too much exhaust flow and that would indeed cause some concerns. Unless you turbo your ride, I don't see the need to go with the bigger of the two systems. Stay with a system that is at the minimum 2.5"ID (inside diameter). All this is with the assumption you are staying with a NA engine. Intake flow and exhaust flow have a majhor role in how your engine will perform through out the power band. Too much exhaust flow and you get no real intake flow. The exhaust flow has to exit at a specific rate of speed so that it infuences the intake to perform at the same rate. Try pouring water through a funnel with a very small end and the water backs up into the larger end of the funnel. Do the same experiment, only reverse the funnel flow and what do you get. It's the same as trying to blow water through a straw with a wide end, it goes every where. There has to be a balanced approach to exhaust so that proper scavenging is achieved through the exhaust stream to help the intake work effeciently as well. It's a lot more complicated than how I explained, but it was the only visual I could think of at the moment. I hope it helped.
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Posted: 04/21/14 10:15 PM

The exhaust system sounds like the nismo one i like exhaust 350z but i also wondering to find out the new exhaust because this exhaust is not very ordinary i want sound lover exhaust if any one have an idea that where is the best place for purchasing the exhaust which sound is much heavy...  

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