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talk to me about supra's

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Posted: 08/21/11 02:01 PM

I am new to this bit But I have a very clean one owner 1985 celica supra. It was my fathers bought new in 86. In 2004 I received it from him. IT had 196K Now it sits at 208K only because of the trips to Colorado in 2007. It has to have the original clutch replaced at 199K and it had to be painted in 2008. She (Sam) was resting under a car cover in the garage when mother nature hit our house with a nice f-2.

With the new house A new home an new place to sleep,cool in the winter, warn in summer.

It is a sweet old girl that loves to go fast and cut corners.
The only changes I had to make was the 5 point racing seat, and a 10 inch wheel.
It has one two car shows, best in show.
I would like to talk to anyone else that has a supra. I have tried to get a group of cars together, somewhere in in north Texas let me know through E mail if you got any ideas.

later gang  

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Posted: 09/03/11 09:30 AM

I think there are Supra forum sites on the web. I know of 3 for the Nissan 200sx... There has got to be one for the Supra. It's a cool car just like the AE86. I haven't seen a mid 80s Supra in years! Nice to know they still exsist.  
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