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SS is keeping it international... Thank you!!

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Posted: 02/21/11 09:28 AM

Just wanted to say that I'm quite happy that SS is bringing us cars & car builders from all over the globe as shown in the latest issue... Of course the US of A is repped srongly but features from japan keep popping up & I'm noticing more & more australian & NZ features, which is great because these guys are the ultimate builders of oldskool jdm cool... Also happy to see a few features from europe 'cause jdm metal needs all the representation it can on the old continent where their own domestic brands get pretty much all the spotlight... Just thought it was really cool that SS isnt limited to their own little world defined by geographic borders... Oh & btw, thanks for showing off a few canadian rides once & a while; we can still get rhd jdm cars 15 yrs or older nonobstanding what crash regs are so we get to see some pretty rare stuff worth featuring...

Keep up the good work cuz I'll keep reading it!!!  
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