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S3 Magazine Sucks. Long Live Super Street

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Posted: 01/17/11 12:34 PM

Dear Readers,

I recently got a S3 magazine and was very disappointed. I decided to make a post to exclaim my feelings Now this may be petty but I feel everyone has the right to know. These are my correspondence with them. The letters pretty much say the rest.

First post on S3

Dear S3,

 I was recently introduced to your magazine. My girlfriend picked me up a copy for Christmas. She is not a full fledged car guy but she is trying and her efforts and progress are commendable in my opinion. Whats more is she is just an outstanding girlfriend and woman. Who tries to please her man and by doing so she is familiar with what I like. Which happens to be S13 Chassis and anything related. She really did awesome she found a magazine that I was unaware of and to beat all right on the cover Project S13 Sr20 Build. Score with all the anticipation of a kid at Christmas I quickly thumbed though to get an idea of the size, content, and length of the article. Must be a mistake didn't see the article so I checked the list of contents aahh page 66 there it is a picture of the Sr20Det. Flip the page and wait a minute there is no article. There is however a stay tuned for the progress of this project on tag. How sweet I got a kiss after the whole shabang. I would have thought it might have been here in the magazine. It clearly says it on the cover. I might have been sated had there been even an agenda, outline something, anything. Now I probably would have checked in the store because I want something for my money generally. Now since it was my girlfriend she can hardly be blamed. Now had it not been a Christmas present from her that she put some thought into. I probably would not have been so perturbed as it stands though I am. Generally I am not the type to write and complain to anyone. Here we are though and I have to say I have been thoroughly  disappointed by your magazine. Merry Christmas S3

                                                 Signed First Impressions    

After they removed it not just once but twice without any reply I thought I should post again.

 Dear S3 Readers,
Problem 1 with issue 19:
Recently received issue 19 and I hate to use such a strong term as false advertisement, but I just call them as I see them. The sr20 build listed on the cover, is not in the magazine. That just sucks.
Problem 2:
As if that wasn't enough after I posted my complaint, not only did I not receive a response from S3, they just erased my post. I might have been satisfied with an "I am sorry", maybe just send me the magazine that actually has the article I was after. Instead they are just trying to ignore me and keep me from telling you "the reader" about this problem I had. Which I have become determined at this point.
I really hate to be ignored so I will post this letter and the copy of my previous post everywhere I can.

Thanks again for such outstanding customer service S3. You really are doing a bang up job running your magazine.  

They finally replied and here is that post.


I am sorry if you had your heart set on reading about the SR20 project. Issue 19 was extremely hectic because it was the issue
for sema and we had to put it together in a hurry as usual. We all have day jobs- some of us have multiple jobs.. Mistakes
happen all the time. I know you may think we have nothing better to do but comb over the issue 5 times but we have social lives,
jobs, and families. It doesn’t mean we don’t take it any less seriously than other magazines. We actually do it out of love and masochism – It’s true. If we didn’t love it we couldn’t do it because we sure aren’t getting wealthy off this gig. I used to think
how cool it would be to work at a magazine.. how glamorous it could be; it’s not. If you saw the work that went into these shoots
and the time I spend writing or laying something out- you would be shocked.
I’m sorry that you’re mad about that.. but there are more mistakes in that magazine. For example Jon was credited for writing
an article that I wrote.. Was I made? No. *** it. If you’re mad about that – well you have a lot to be happy about. Because I
wish I had such an insignificant problem to complain about… but if it matters to you. Sorry.

We only do four issues a year. Four. 4. We all like the story of the car with the swap, etc… but it’s not up to the build quality
that we *try* to have in the magazine. That doesn’t mean it’s not a cool car. That doesn’t mean it’s not a unique story. But
there are a lot of other hondas with unique stories and amazing builds. Ol’ Gregg Buccell, and my self are both
building cars and we realize that it is unlikely that our own cars will ever be featured in s3. Why? Because there are tons of hondas out there that have done it all before. If you seriously don’t want to subscribe to s3 because of that reason and dont
understand that- Fine. Not my problem.

Have a nice day.

Once again I may be petty but I had to post again.

Dear S3,

 Wow that was pretty pathetic.
I have a job that I love and don't get paid much. I work in a shop and when I say I can do, I do. I don't slack on my customers and expect to get away with it. In my line of business they will call me on it. I respect them for that and always appreciate the feedback and use it to make myself better and improve myself. It is not always easy to hear criticism. I do admit that but, simply put I have to.
As for all the excuses and the half apology dripping with hostility. Thanks but no thanks. I am sorry you didn't get your credit were credit was due but, this only further illustrates my point. In your letter you pretty much just reiterated my problem completely.
Thank you for throwing us a half thought out magazine when most of us "Your Readers" are indeed in the same boat. Horrible economy, working two jobs, families and we can't forget the social life. Yet we still come off 5-6 bucks for what you admitted was a less than quality product. Then you get mad when we call you on that. Thanks again S3 for such wonderful customer service.  

I have become a little disenfranchised to say the least and felt that if people were going to give these people their money they should know what to expect.

     I have had a Super Street Subscription and never experienced anything like this. I feel that people deserve to know. If there are any changes or updates I will keep you posted.  

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Posted: 01/18/11 07:06 PM

I have to admit that I frequently find such unimpressive excuses like that all over. How can anyone putting out a magazine give excuses like that? I've never heard of S3, but now that you've mentioned it, I will never pick it out of the two or three mags that I do purchase from the bunch... if I ever see it that is. 4 a year?! 4? And then they have the audacity to say that they have a social life? I think that the social scene is the only thing on their minds and not their readers. What I say to them is DEDICATE AND DON'T GIVE EXCUSES AS TO WHY THE MAG WAS LACK LUSTER! YOUR READER HAD A VALID COMPLAINT AND YOUR POOR EXCUSE OF A MAGAZINE LET YOUR REDERS DOWN! IT'S HARD TO SPEND 6 TO 7 DOLLARS ON A MAGAZINE WITH THIS ECONOMY TO HAVE TO PAY FOR THE POOR QUALITY EDITIONS THAT YOU PUT OUT "4", repeat, "4" TIMES A YEAR!  IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE "4" A YEAR GET OUT OF THE BUISNESS! LEAVE THE QUALITY MAGAZINE MAKING TO SUPER STREET, IMPORT TUNER AND THE 2 OTHER MAGZINE ISSUES I BUY AND WON'T MENTION HERE! THEY PUT OUT 12 ISSUES A YEAR AND DON'T GIVE EXCUSES ABOUT why this OR why that! Social lives...! I can get the family and having a second job and all, but SOCIAL LIVES!? IF IT'S 4 MAGS A YEAR THAT YOU PUT OUT, YOUR SOCIAL LVES SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF YOUR CONCERNS IF IT'S YOUR CUSTOMER BASE THAT SUFFERS! Bottom line, no one likes to pay for "nothing".

Hey ZenEngines, copy and send this post to them and let them know that networking is a mother... I don't normally get frustrated and rant like that, but having experienced bad quality home building practices from a poor quality contractor it befuddles me to think that any one would be so wrong and give you BS about your concerns. You had a valid complaint and you got shot down by poor excuses from lazy people that only put out 4 issues a year. Some priorities they have. I couldn't do that to my customers either. In this economy you either get better at what you do or get out. Simple.
How you drive is your buisness. Remember that you're not the only one on the road!
Educate, don't hate.

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Posted: 02/22/11 08:53 AM

Hi ZenEngines,

I've posted this same reply on another forum (since you apparently don't have anything better to do with your time than slandering our company), but I'll copy it here if you didn't see the other thread:


Not sure if you're still checking this thread but I'm Cody Wellons, one of the owners of S3. I just managed to stumble across this thread and I'd like to apologize for any unpleasant experiences you've had with our mag and I am sorry we didn't live up to your expectations. I personally never saw any of your comments and wish you would've e-mailed or called one of our employees (our contact info is clearly posted in multiple areas of our website) instead of leaving multiple comments in unrelated posts on our blog (we have a few people that are admins on our blog and I assume your posts were simply deleted as they aren't the proper place for comments like these).

We apologize that the SR20 coverage was portrayed incorrectly on the cover title, and this was indeed a last minute mix-up that tends to happen when you only have a staff of 3 producing a full-scale magazine with extremely tight deadlines. While the story had originally intended to include a bit more information, we had to shift a number of pages as we approached our deadline date and ended up leaving it as more of a teaser to show off some of the parts that would be going on this car. We also feel that most people in 2011 aren't looking in print magazines for full install guides (as engine builds might require more professional knowledge than we can get across in a few pages of a magazine).

Again, if this mix-up led you astray and made you completely unhappy with our magazine, I apologize. We pride ourselves on down to earth, realistic coverage of the import scene and are typically well received as an option to the other much more corporate mags (who usually only feature cars from whatever companies that buy the biggest ads that much). If we aren't for you I totally understand, and I'll be more than happy to refund you for the issue you weren't happy with.

Feel free to e-mail me at and I'll do whatever I can to make things right.



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Posted: 03/12/11 07:59 PM

Well, I guess that makes me eat my words a bit. Sorry, dude. Quality is important, though. If things are as you say, then ZenEngines needs to rethink his strategy on how to administer complaints. I for one don't like the run around some give in any industry, but having one stand up and try to make things right is a very noble and respectable thing. Again, I am sorry for going along with his rant. I'm not that kind of person, but hearing his concern and having a similar issue made me a bit frustrated with the way thing are handled some times. I will always be the first to admit my mistakes.  
How you drive is your buisness. Remember that you're not the only one on the road!
Educate, don't hate.

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