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Super Streets August Mailsack - Your Letters Our Replies

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Posted: 08/15/07 05:46 PM

Check out what our dumba-ss'ssss have to say about your dumba-ss letters and emails this month (august)

and look while your at it take a good long look at Sophi Berglund

Mail Sack Sophi Berglund  

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Posted: 05/14/09 10:01 AM

I currently have a 2001 chevy malibu I am having trouble findig parts for it. I have been told many times to get an engine swap or just a new car but money is a hassle right now. I like the sleek style my malibu gives. I love the looks of a car and the speed but I need help finding parts for it do you have anyideas where I could look? I also have a 1982 honda accord hatchback I would like to turn it into a rally car. I am going to strip it this summer and begin modifying the engine im thinking about putting a b-16 v-tech engine swap I belive that car would fly on the dirt roads.  

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