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79-85 Rx7 Body Kit

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Posted: 07/11/07 03:02 AM

Ok guys you know all the  hype about how good you guys are doing with the mag, how about something new. I am the owner of an 83 First Gen Rx7 and I want to challenge you guys to start pulling for Us Ummmm Old school guys, in a search to build the first updated body kit for a First Gen Rx7. Something that resembles that of the newer Third Gen FD's. I have been looking for a decent looking body kit for my car for a very long time but the kits I keep comming across just dont look right to me. I have even thaught about buying one of them  just to cut it up and modify it to meet my needs but I dont have that kind of money or time. And if you could find a company that would be willing to start a production run of them I would be one of the first to buy it. I am going to buy a subscription to your mag cause I have been wasteing a whole lot more money buying it on the news stand cause I have to have at least one copy near me at all times. Also keep up the great work and keep the 7's comming they are the jewel in a lot of peoples eyes.    JOSH  

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Posted: 07/11/07 09:52 AM

Here you go.  How about these?

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