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This Is Why Drifters Are Retarted

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Posted: 09/28/10 06:09 PM

that he thought his truck was bad a$s :P my silverado would make him cry and be nice to you bro  
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Posted: 10/02/10 05:20 PM

Diesels are good for what they are used for, but in the end the fumes they produce are harsh. I can't drive behind one and feel ok. I have to slow waaaay down to clear the stench it leaves behind. All the new technology they've put into them isn't making the fumes smell any better. It might be just me, but they are much more extreme than the older stuff. The Diesels that are being made now actually have an EGR now. How crazy is that? ON A DIESEL! I get what the reasoning is behind it, but come on! Does it have to smell that bad. I've been in dealerships that work on diesels, like Ford, and I couldn't stand being in the building with one running. Even with a hose put on it to expell the fumes out of the building it was just too harsh. If I'm going to be poisoned to death by some thing I'de rather it be Co2. At least it smells better coming out of a car.  
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