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I need help!!!

New User
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Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/28/14 06:22 PM

I need help deciding between what car I should get, I have a couple of options and I need to know which one would be the best out of all them. It will also be my first car. Here are the options....

Subaru wrx sti
Honda civic
Mitsubishi lancer evo
Honda s2000
Mazda Rx-8
Mazda Rx-7
                                            witch is best overall???  

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Sideways Panda
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Posted: 09/29/14 11:27 PM

Depends on what you want to do.  I'm a RWD guy, so I'd be partial to the S2K or RX-7 (S2K is way easier to maintain and a better beginner car, while the RX-7 has a tone of torque).  However, if you're into rally or live where it snows frequently, the STi or Evo would be the best way to go (I prefer the STi personally).

I'd take the Civic out of the running unless you're really into the Civic and are prepared to take *** from every hater within a 150 mile radius.  

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