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Fastest 240Z In Existence

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Posted: 08/07/14 05:48 AM

Once this wonderfully built car has overcome it's dial-in teething problems it should be able to get up to 150+mph, the speed Bob Sharp was clocked by his crew at Road Atlanta and then it would need to go over 172.9, the speed Burton Brown accomplished WITHOUT any aero add-ons to have the "quite possibly" stricken and become the fastest 240Z in existence.

Yeah, no front air dam or rear spoiler,no wing, no canards, splitter, vortex diverters, nada. Both of these Zs had nearly half the HP from their triple carb in-line 6 then what the LS7 puts out.

I've driven LS powered 240/280Zs and it's real easy to hit 150 in 3rd gear. Then you run out of track pretty quick. After 150 the aero issues of the body design make it hard regardless of the HP available to push past the air resistance factor. At that point, gearing is everything. And big, big balls...  

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