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Fast mod-able car

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Posted: 06/18/14 06:28 PM

Hey guys just need a little bit of suggestions from people. I have been in the car work for about 6 years now and I always have a tough time choosing my next car. I've had a 87 Camaro 92 prelude 94 stealth and 91 stealth rt tt and I want a little help choosing my next ride. I want a car that is preferably rwd or awd but fwd isn't the end of the world. I don't want to be in the ricer section where ya just get a Honda or whatever. I want good appearance and a decently fast car that I can mod. Please help! Thanks!  

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Posted: 07/14/14 12:47 PM

AWD: Impreza WRX / Mitsubish Evo / Audi A4/S4...
RWD: Honda s2k / 350z / G35 / RX-7 / Supra / 300ZX / 240SX / M3 / Corvette C5 / Camaro z28/ss / list goes on and on..  

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AUDIos menos
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Posted: 07/30/14 08:14 PM

Ive got a blacked out audi a4. Gets 30 mpg on the highway but with the boost racked up and premium gas 370 horsepower. Coupled with sports suspension I like it if you want a cool daily driver that can occasionally drive on the track. Best part is it was only 18 grand or so with all the mods put together. Ill warn you though audi's are a pain to modify so be prepared for a lot of work.  

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