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1999 Eclipse GS

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Posted: 06/17/14 08:47 PM

So, just picked up a 1999 Eclipse GS with the 2.0 I4 FWD and an automatic. I have three upgrades already planned, a cold air intake, a header and a bigger exhaust system (2.25 inches vs 2 inches) and a new computer chip that is suppose to add 60 HP. I figure this will add about 80HP to the car, which sets it at 220HP. I was wondering if I could find some other recommendations for adding power to the car, besides turbochargers and superchargers, and the only reason I won't add either of those is because of budget. I want cheap, but not necessarily easy upgrades. Also, I do want to know about how much power the automatic can handle, I do not want to risk it dying on me, that would cost a small fortune to fix. I know it can take the 220 because its the same auto put into the GS-T and GS-X. But I don't want to over do it. Thank you for you input in advance!  

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