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Kia optima 2001 LX - Engine Help

Christopher Shackett
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Joined: 04/14
Posted: 04/08/14 04:03 PM

Ok, So, yeah this car is not on any list of tuner car's i have EVER seen..... and that is why i got it. Parts are abysmal to find both performance and look wise. I am starting to learn how to mold bumpers ect. to have a truly one of a kind tuner car. One of the main issues I am running into as a newbie is what parts are, um, "Universal" as in what can i use from another car to fit mine. The engine is in good shape but old and soon will need a replacement,

What engines could i use for a replacement in this car? It is a automatic. I know. Slap me it is fine but I will be doing a conversion with it hopefully in the next year. For the mean time i have been trying to do research on motors that would fit but since i am so new I have no idea how to find motors to fit into car's they are not meant to be in. I am looking for a fast motor, something that can be found in a junkyard and not extremely expensive. Could anyone, PLEASE help me!?

(Also any other advise for part replacement would be amazing, Headers are another issue and I realize i will be swapping engines soon but would like to have the car for now, be a little faster)  

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Posted: 05/07/14 03:28 PM

build up the motor and slap on an sts turbo  

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