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Lexus IS 300

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Posted: 07/23/13 11:42 PM

Okay so I'm practically being forced to buy an IS 300 by my dad otherwise he won't pay the insurance. Now the entire time I've been saving for a car I've wanted a MK4 Supra. A few of them go for 15 to 20k which is what I have to spend (W/O turbo and manual trans of course) but still a freakin Supra. Recently my dad dropped a bomb shell on me telling me I have to get a car he approves of otherwise he wont pay insurance. We agreed on an 01-05 IS 300, but being the teen and a hole I am I'd really like to get back at him by tuning the *#%$ out of it because 215 ponies just isn't enough for me. Basically I'm asking if you have any tips and/or suggestions. I've got 14k to work with after I buy the car. I'm thinking about buying a 7k turbo, new exhaust, body kit, carbon fiber hood/trunk, some black headlights/taillights and a large spoiler .  

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Posted: 07/24/13 12:19 PM

the IS300 is essentially a non-turbo 4 door supra. you can do what most people do and swap out the 2jzge for the turbo 2jzgte.  
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Jason Ackerman
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Posted: 04/16/14 02:05 PM

I think your dad has great taste, I wish I would have bought the is300 but got a 250. It's a great car though  

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Posted: 05/07/14 03:26 PM

as long as you tastefully mod it, i think your dad and yourself will be proud of the outcome.  

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