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2JZ-GTE Powered 1971 Plymouth Scamp

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Posted: 07/10/13 06:11 PM

I saw this incredible build an employee of Fram recently did I think you all may like. A gentlemen named Dave Buckshaw rescued an old 1971 Plymouth Scamp from the crusher. He completly restored the car and instead of just going stock with the restoration he and his friends grafted in an Aristo 2JZ-GTE. He's done a couple of cat tours back east and is getting some great reviews. I love this swao as I own two supras myself and have always loved the fact the 2JZ is swapped into just about anything worldwide. He plans on some engine upgrades in the futire but for now her running it stock and loving the power and mpgs. Hopefully the inport community will give his project a thumbs up.  

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