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Budget, sleeper, stock internals?

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Posted: 06/09/13 08:30 AM

I have an 89 supra, non turbo w/ 130k mi on it, I want to sell or trade that into a different project, something thats cheap to begin with, and preferably can bolt on w/ stock internals. which brings me to the question, is there somewhere i can check out what blocks and internals are rated for, HP wise?  

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Posted: 06/13/13 02:08 PM

car companies will never tell you the tensile strength of the steel used to make your cylinder walls since they don't want people to A. test it out and find out if its true or not (lawsuits for false advertising) or B. You trying to mess with it and injuring yourself (more upon more lawsutits) the only way you can find out is by asking your local machine shop. I know that some hondas have crhome pinston which is why they last almost forever and can handle boost quite well on stock internals. Here a great article because one the guy who did this did his own R&D and the car is hella cheap now-a-days... If you don't buy it form a ricer that says "yeah it has that v-tec that can beat v8's I dog corvettes for fun..." so... yeah, avoid those guys

Here's the link  
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Posted: 06/17/13 01:10 PM

a great engine that can take some boost on stock internals is the 4G6x series by mitsubishi, i.e. 4G63 and 4G64. they are cast iron blocks. it is very common for people with those engines to bolt on a evo turbo kit to them and run up to 12psi.  
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