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Need advice on getting started (Newbie)

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Posted: 02/12/13 03:05 AM

Hi, my name is Marcus, I live in Louisville Kentucky, and this place sucks for the tuning scene.

I really want to get started into tuning as, I love messing with cars, and I've worked at Jaguar, BMW, and now presently work at Porsche. This was all in the last year or so.

First off let me say this, I don't have to go 0 - 60 in 3.9 seconds. I know that goes against everything that you guys probably stand for but, it's not something I really care about all that much doing that. I just want the option and choice to do so if I wanted.

As long as I'm having fun, and I can go out and enjoy myself, I don't really care about racing anyone on the street. I just want something that can maintain speed, is is fast off the line. It doesn't have to progress into the 200's.

I'd also be lying if i said looks didn't matter. I'm a 21 year old guy, yes, I care what my car looks like. Now, if I have to throw on a body kit, that's perfectly fine. Personally, i look the look of that street ricer look.

The problem I'm having is finding the right car to get, and for what priceit should be, but isn't.

I like the look of old cars. Infact, I love the look of old cars. I can't stand what new cars look like. The wide-eyed headlights, the overly round body just looks horrible in my opinion. This is why I guess I'm a little interested in how it looks, and while it was recommended to me that a Honda Civic is kind of what I'm looking for, I can't get over the new body of it. It's terrible. I like the 1992-1995 (Coupe) body style, and while I have found a few here, most of them have already had engine swaps, and other things that makes the person think they can sell it for around-about 4,000-6,500 ***

Now maybe I'm just dumb, or ignorant, but Kelley blue book has it listed at 2,500. They want 3 times as much. Is that really worth it?

I dig the Mitsubishi Eclipse (1995-1999), but again, I'm not too sure about the "Crank Walk" issue, or if it's even a good car. Impossible to find a GS-T, or GSX here though. Unless I want to spend $8,000 for a 167,000 mile car.

Now the GT3000, would that be a good choice? I also like the 1994 Acura Integra(Honda), but again people have modified it, and are selling it extremely high priced. Can't even find a 240SX I don't think. One goes for $23,000 and I'm not joking.

So I guess what I'm asking is can you guys give me a list of cars you think might interest me, that I can have fun with, and add/change things up for speed/torque if I wanted to?

Let's just say around $7,000 or so.

I just want a daily driver, but a fun one. =)

Been lurking on here for awhile, thought it was time I did something to show my interest.

Thanks you guys, and god bless for your help.


Manual Trans, if possible... I like sticks. (no homo)  

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Posted: 02/12/13 08:49 AM

Going once...  

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Posted: 02/12/13 03:59 PM

Hmmm, thanks guys.

I appreciate all the input, and I'll use what i've learned!

Time to go out and find a _____!  

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Posted: 02/20/13 03:33 PM

sorry, i have been busy. i hope you come back and read this.

have you looked into a 3rd gen eclipse, the gts model has good power, and the gs model has a lot of aftermaket behind it because it uses the same block as the evo. if you not into a lot of go, the prelude is not a bad car. also look into toyota celicas.  
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Posted: 03/23/13 08:16 PM

I agree with godfather3G the eclipses do have good power right from the start, and good room to do a lot of tuning, as well as the celicas, I'm a celica owner myself and I love it, be careful with celicas though, you want to look for gt or gt-s models, regular models suck and you won't be able to pull much power out of them unlike the eclipses where as he stated, uses the same block as the evo, but if you find the right celica for cheap, they're a hell of a good time, and trust me I'm on my third celica and I still love them but the manual ones are garbage in my opinon but welcome to the tuner world and good luck  

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