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Electrical issue 3G Eclipse

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Posted: 10/01/12 07:01 PM


im looking for some expertise. so, i was putting some little led strips in my 2000 eclipse gt, and i was checking out behind my instrument panel because my dash lights didnt work. while plutting the cluster back in i had a wire touching the 'motherboard' type deal on the back of the cluster. IMMEDIATLEY my stereo, "dome" lights, sunroof, power locks and cruise all went out.

ive checked fuses and i cant seem to find anything. Confused  its really making me quite mad. also once and a while when i shift into 2nd my car will rev slightly before shifting, only sometimes when im giving it a certain amount of gas you could say.. if anyone knows something lemme know. she shifts otherwise.

Thanks in advance!  

2000 Eclipse GT

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Posted: 10/02/12 07:51 PM

you might have to replace parts in the dash. usually when all the dash lights go out, its not the lights, but the dimmer switch, if the dimmer switch goes bad or is unplugged, none of your dash lights will work, at all. for the rev up, that is normal. it is a rev match system, if the idle control sensor feels that the idle is to low for a proper shift, it will rev the engine up around 500rpms. it does it to my car all the time. i shift my car between 1500 and 2000rpms and every time i shift it revs up by itself.  
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