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Is it difficult to become an import model? What does it take?

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Posted: 11/24/12 11:14 PM

I really want to become an import model. people say I do have the "looks" for it, I am 100% Chinese, 5'4, and my body measurements are 32B-26-34. I do admit, I'm lacking in the chest area but I do believe most imports do get implants. If I know I'll be able to become one, I'm willing to get implants! I'm just confused on how to become one. Many people just keep saying "go to car shows", "go to hot import nights and talk to the models", but I feel like that's not gonna do much. I'm going to be 18 soon and I really hope to be as successful as Dannie Riel one day. (Wont happen but we all have dreams right? Haha!)  

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Posted: 11/28/12 11:26 AM

Don't get implants just to model...  

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