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2005 mustang rb25dett or rb26dett build

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Posted: 08/22/12 04:19 PM

Ok i know the mustang is not a import tuner but i want to make a bad ass street car i was originally going to put a ford long block and turbo it but ive changed my mind and have decided to piss some muscel car fans off by putting either the rb25 or rb26 my goal is between 650-750rwhp i know i weigh about 175lbs than the r34 and 211lbs than the r33 my question is what motor would work better for me i know the rb26 is awd but ive seen the converted as well i also wanted to get peoples opinions and advise to get one of these motors to my desired horsepower range thanks  

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Posted: 08/23/12 11:44 AM

ive got an awesome engine swap for you. its called the 5.0. just because they did that swap in a fast and furious movie, doesnt mean it should be done. and if you are hell bent with this swap, i just want you to know that to do the mustang in f&f, they spent $35000 in one off parts to make it work. so, if you want to do it. make sure you have well over $35000 just for parts, that doesnt include the $8000+ engine you want to put in it.  
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Posted: 08/24/12 04:01 PM

If making horsepower is the goal then the OP is better off using a 5.0 or 4.6 Ford motor.  they're capable of making just as much horsepower as an RB26 and they'd be way easier to swap in.

Nobody makes swaps kits to drop an RbB26 into a Mustang and as far as I know nobody's been able to do it.  If the OP has the time, money, and technical skill then I'd say try it, but it's going to be 1 very long project filled with a lot of trial and error.  
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Posted: 12/18/12 11:11 PM

do not use the ford modular 4.6L in that car. you'll end up throwing a rod out the block. the 4.6L is not a good engine unless fully rebuilt, even then reliability is questionable.  

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