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Interested in Modeling

New User
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Posted: 10/14/12 05:44 PM

Hi my name is Dora Figueroa. I am interested in modeling. I sent some pictures to but I haven’t heard from them. I presume I don’t have the look they want to be an import model. Please look at my pictures and let me know what you think? What other suggestions would you give me?

Height: 5' 7"
Measurements: 34B- 27- 37
Ethnicity: Latina (Mexican- American)
Birth date: February 22, 1988 ( 24yrs)  
Occupations: Civil engineering student/ waitress  


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Sideways Panda
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Posted: 10/14/12 06:44 PM

You definitely have the look.  I think the problem with contacting IT first is that, to my knowledge, they generally look for well established models.  What you should do is try to get in as a model at a local car show or something like that as well as going to a professional photography studio and getting a portfolio going.  I have given this advice in the past and it has gotten results.  Best of luck!  

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Posted: 10/14/12 07:53 PM

Thank you will look into that.  

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Posted: 10/14/12 11:11 PM

i see one major problem, you are putting down the wrong ethnicity. you are not latina, you are hispanic. true latinos and latinas come from portugal, greece, and (like me) italy. latino or latina is reference to latin based origins. hispanic is from hispaniola origins, territories and countries once controlled by spain, i.e. mexico, most of south america, cuba, and many islands in the gulf.

now, as for import modeling, you need to have a background in the import scene. go to local car shows. offer your modeling services there, sponsors will start hiring and from there you can build a resume.  
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