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240sx SR20DET build help

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Posted: 08/06/12 10:22 PM


Im looking to build a 240sx with SR20DET engine.  Im new to this, and I can use some help.   Confused   What I need to know is:

1. When buying a 240, does high milage matter. I would think not, due to me putting a new engine in it.    

2. Do I need to buy a new transmission, or does the one for the stock engine fit on the sr20?

3, does buying a better SR20 matter? when im going to put in new: cams, turbo, pistons, intake mani, etc... (I.e. buying a less powerful s13 redtop instead of a s14 blacktop) or maybe i just buy a non-trbo SR20DE since im putting an aftermarket turbo anyway. what would be the most cost efficient for a 400hp build?

4. where do you reccomend I buy everything, I.e: car, engine, aftermarket parts, etc...

Thank you for your time    Laugh  

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Posted: 08/15/12 05:14 AM

my son is buying the inline cylinder turbo.You can tweak the horepower a bunch.  

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Posted: 12/18/12 11:42 PM

First Question: do you have a daily driver? if not then find a 240sx in good running condition.
second question: you can get an adapter made but if you do that you might want to look into getting a 350Z 6spd trans.
third: doesn't matter though the blacktop have better breathing heads.
4th: ask around on nissan forums.  

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