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Lexus IS250 ?

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Joined: 09/10
Posted: 09/05/10 10:03 PM

Hey guys,

I'v recently just made a down payment for my 06' Lexus IS 250 (RWD / 6 Speed manual.)
I'm looking around to tune it and put a turbo in and such. Yet i have not found a kit for my car. I'v seen alot of HKS turbo products say "Universal Fits all". Does this mean it can fit into my car, And what else you i have to buy to make my car run nicly with the turbo because i see turbo kits with like 20 other parts to it.

Please help,

Thanks for the advise if posted =]  

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Sideways Panda
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Posted: 09/06/10 01:34 PM

Sweet Lex, I like it.  Turbocharging an NA car is not easy.  The Universal part means it could fit, but theres probably a bit of fabrication involved.  Also if you do turbo it then you have to make sure that the PSI setting is safe for your car's stock engine or you could bend a rod, blow a head gasket, or a handful of other nasty problems.  

You will also need all that piping to get the exhaust gases to spin the turbine and the compressed air through the intercooler and into the throttle body.  So you need everything shown in those kit pictures.  I would suggest reading the "Turbocharging Performance Handbook" by Jeff Hartman before you get started.

Good Luck!  

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Jason Ackerman
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Posted: 04/16/14 02:10 PM

Imo, trade it in and get a 350, it will still be faster. I have a 250 but I looked into this and found that that's a smarter way to go. The kits run around 6-7k  

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