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Civic vs. Scion TC

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Posted: 08/05/09 11:59 PM

sorry im kind of a noob about cars but here goes

Okay so my friend just got a '03 civic and it looks like a ricer owned it before him. and i know its common knowledge that civics are reliable, kind of slow stock, and can be tuned up to be speed gods. but upon seeing it my my friend said a scion tc would tear it up, and i argued with him stock tc's are much faster but civic's can be tuned up to be much faster, but i wasnt 100% sure. all i know is i don't like tc's cause theyre ugly.

but why does everyone else hate tc's? are they underpowered or does everyone just think theyre straight up ugly??

sorry just out of my curiosity  

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Posted: 08/06/09 02:05 AM

from what i believe, their simply not bad cars, but thy have flaws for tuners especially to own. first, their a little pricey, especially with tuning cars trying to make cars faster for less money. and your wrong about civics being speed gods most likely, since you dont have si, but you can get some good tuning, on them. they will never be speed gods, but i did hear about someone having a 1200 hp civic, but then again how much of the civic was left in that car? scions tend to get alot of pages in some magazines, which i think people dont like because most people aren't tuning scions, but there still are a few fans. neither are too fast stock. both have maxes depending on trim levels at about 200hp. the only reason civics can be tuned to be faster would possibly be because of aftermarket availability, idk really help me out here guys.  

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Posted: 09/30/09 02:12 PM Its too bad you feel that the Scion tC's are ugly. I love my tC, it's an awsome car! I definitely do not think they're ugly. But, hey I know it's about personal preferences. But not everyone hate's tC's. Each year, including last year, Scion's have steadily increase their sales volume. There's not a lot of Scions on the road, because Toyota never planned on selling a lot of them. Scions, as all cars, are a love it or hate it set up. regarding the tC's power, base, it's plenty powerful, and offers the best bang foryour buck value. Compare the tC to a base Toyota Celica GT or a Base Acura RSX, both of which are approximately 23-24,000 MSRP. Both of which were 140-160 HP. The tC is 161 HP now, with 162lbs of torque at 4000rpms. Are they the best numbers? no, but it has more pick up and performance at the price, with Alloys and a Panoramic Roof standard! And you can do a lot to either car! Yes the Celica GT-S and the RSX type S are more powerful, but look at how much you spend! If you want to spend 28-30k on a new car, but want a coupe, and to hook it up later on, you're better off witht he tC. because at roughly $17,670 starting price on a stick tC, that leaves you with roughly $10G's playing room, to have fun with (turbo, suspension, body work, exhaust systems, etc...)  

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