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Northern Virginia Tuner Club

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Posted: 01/23/08 07:06 PM

OK so we all have to put up with the lack of driving skills throughout most of Northern Virginia,  this is not for them.  This is a new club that is forming for people that want to participate in shows, track runs, distance drives on some more exciting roads, and the best of the rest.  I have not yet seen a whole lot of clubs in this area for this kind of thing so lets change that.  So if you have a tuner that is already set and fun to run, or are looking for a chance to get your's going then give me a shout.

I know  have a sunfire dont hate i can make it work

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Posted: 08/12/08 05:31 AM

Its a quite amazing club where we can see the riders of different categories having so much skills, show their extraordinary talent in the race. We should never miss the opportunity i too want to see in my life at least once but i don't have chance to go there. So people enjoy the ride and tell the views in this article.
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Posted: 09/26/08 08:38 AM

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Posted: 05/18/09 07:08 AM

were in nothern VA is your club located  

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Posted: 12/09/10 09:20 AM

I know this thread is a bit dated....but I was wondering if anyone knew of any gatherings going on now during the cold winter months.  I know events are usually held during the warmer months....but I'm bored out of my mind!!!!  Shocked  Tongue  Wink  

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Posted: 05/06/13 04:25 PM

hey my name is chris cole i just moved to virginia chesapeake and im intersted in joining ur tuner club u got going on i was in a indiana tuner club before i moved here and im in the process of fixing my new car i just got in culpepper va and im in need of a motor for it i would perfer a vtec or something horse power i dnt need the stock motor back in it im all about the horse power so if u could be a kind friend and help me find a motor for my then i would appreciate it alot i just moved here and only been here for 4 weeks now but yea here is my number if u need anything or if u find a motor for my 96'honda prelude 1(270)922-1648 and i work at r&m truck & auto repair so if u need a place to fix ur ride or whatever then i can help but only on weekends when we r closed is when i can work on other ppls car and *** thanx man

                                                           chris cole  

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