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Would you get a car tattoo?

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Posted: 07/17/07 03:00 PM

i personally think these guys are nuts.  not to say I have anything against tattoos, i wouldnt mind having one someday soon, but the only way I would get one is if it has real meaning behind it.  the automotive industry is constantly changing and in 25 years from now, you may think differently.  and i dont think you will have the same car forever.  what happens if they buy a different car sometime soon?

check out this guys Subaru tatts.  he got the outline of the Nurburgring on his elbow, kind of cool, but branding and all the others are crazy to me.  he also has the "rally pig" which is actually the logo to a Japanese 13 year old girlie magazine.  I wonder if he knows what the logo is really for...  (here is the magazine)
(scroll down half-way)

but at least its not like this guy  
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Posted: 07/18/07 10:12 AM

The Subaru stars look pretty cool wrapped around say your wrist or an ankle so I'd be down to get that inked on me.  As for an actual car that's not really my thing.  Right now what I really want is to get this tattooed on my back

Witchblade 25 In Black White Ske

I saw it in a comicbook and thought that would be so cool to get as a tattoo.  
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Posted: 07/18/07 02:59 PM

Not much of a tattoo person myself, I have plans on getting "FTW" tattoo'd on the inner side of my lip, so I can pull my lip down and say "Fuck the world, ahhahahahahah" I saw it in a prison movie, thought it was a really cool, unique placement for a small tattoo.

cavalier on the forearm, when every last working example of that car winds up in a jyard in about 7 years, and he hast owned one in forever, he will truly feel like an idiot for getting that tattoo.  

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Posted: 07/18/07 03:54 PM

I like tatoos but wouldnt get one myself. And the cavy.. that is just horrible. And as for your lip tatoo Sirs. They will fade off in about 6 months and its hard to find someone who would actually do the tatoo. Friend of mine was gonna get Ninja put on the inside of her lip  

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Posted: 08/07/07 04:32 PM

i love my tats- i have specific criteria or guidelines though.
no color and no pics- i just make designs i like
the only pic i would contemplate- would be a feather (still black-no color)
only because i love birds- i have 3 of them- they are my kids
but a car- HELLA NO  

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Posted: 08/14/07 04:34 PM

found this one too... crazy

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Posted: 08/15/07 06:56 AM

*** no, car tats are freakin stupid. "ya i wanna get this big ass car symbol on my back." screw that, im all set with teh whole car tattoo. that guy on the other form who had his car tattooed on his arm needs help. i mean i love my car but no that much to get it tattooed.  

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Posted: 05/24/11 01:30 AM

id get a car tattoo oh wait i have one an i don even have the car its a dream car
someone tell me wats the difference between a car fanatic gettin a car tattoo that actually represents his/her passion an idiots out there getting random tattoo that have no meanin like people getting skull tattoos butterfly tattoos i mean im not hating on anyones tats
but if u like it then get it...instead of being judgmental ppl id say wats ur hobby but u prolly don have a hobby.. if u do then look up a tat for it...i bet u find amazing pieces of artwork
but cars are my passion i have my dream car on my left forearm and a piston on my left leg  

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Posted: 12/19/12 05:25 AM

I have 19 tattoos of all kinds of things from bio-mech on my left arm to a skull sleeve on the right.From my favorite horror characters on my left leg to my zombie horde on my right leg. hell, I even have a star wars chest piece! I am even incorporating the mitsubishi logo into my bio-mech. I may not have my eclipse forever or even like tuners 20 years from now, but my tattoos symbolize points and times in my life. rather than having some deep meaning, I can look at my tats as an old man and say "I really liked imports back then" or I remember what I was doing then". Thats how I feel about it.  

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