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Nissan Silvia S15! Where to get one and how much?

Andrew Wagner
New User
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Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/22/14 10:23 PM

I feel sorry for u guys over in the state's I can get an s14 for $10,000 total (shipping and everything)and a s15for less than 15,000 and can drive it legally on any road in Canada.
Just another reason why the US sucks!  

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Raynel Acosta Comas
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Joined: 09/14
Posted: 09/30/14 01:20 PM

You could try to import it from Canada their safety standers are as close to the U.S than any other country.... as far as the Skyline goes you could read a legal document that even ebay put up, stating the only way you can get one in the country is if its more than 25yrs old or if its an R33 because thats the only one they were actually able to perform the test on by a privately own company until they got caught cheating the system for money or some political b.s like that.  

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