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idle problem after changing oem intake mani for an edelbrock

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Posted: 08/30/14 12:14 PM

hello everyone

i've got an idle problem after installing my edelbroke intake manifold and i am getting fed up,I swear i have check,check and re-check,I have adjusted my tps sensor(working fine) to the right voltage,my map sensor is fine( i got 3 of them),I have no leak at all after changing my TB gasket once and my intake one for a blox gasket(i have blocked the 2 holes of the TB and the engine stall so its ok,my FITV is fine and my Iacv as well...

Is it the intake manifold witch is to big and sucking to much air causing a sensor disfunction Confused ,my intake is the performer X. my TB is the d16z6 genuine one,i had a b16a2 TB but I had to put back the other one cause it didn't have the FITV with it,

pleaaaase help!!!  

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