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First Tuner Help

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Posted: 12/30/13 01:33 PM

I've always been into trucks and suv's. But, due to a lifestyle change i've had to cut back on a lot of things.
I thought about going with a car for better fuel economy,after a lot of searching and very little research. I came
across the Honda Accord EX V6 Automatic 2000 Coupe. Low miles about 92k and from the original owner I thought this
is the one. After buying it I started looking into modifications and specs about it, I found the transmissions weren't
very good luckily the trans on this one was rebuilt before I bought it.

All of this searching around got me interested in viewing the potential of the car as far as it's stock parts.Mind you
I know very little about cars but I do have somewhat of a vision of what I'm looking for,and somehow after the added
time looking into things I don't know if the car is what I envisioned.(Maybe you can help with that?).

1.I'm looking for ride comfort So I can avoid feeling every bump and pothole in the city.
(Somehow with 18" wheels and low profile tires don't help much at all).

2.Wheels hitting a bump sometimes the car will become off balanced,and it just feels heavy
(I'd like it if could be more nimble all around).

3.Looking for something I can use as a daily with a darkside.Where I can bring something to the table if i'm in any
situation which demands a competative response.Aswell as a good selection of aftermarket parts that I can dabble with
as a beginner.

Hopefully,some of you were in this predicament when you first started thinking about modifying your cars.I hope you
can point me in the right direction.

I'm thinking ,sell the AT Accord and go with an MT lightweight car(What are my options?),fuel efficient,good aftermarket,first tuner with light mods.
OR, stick with the AT Accord do exhaust/intake combo and save up for another car with a Manual that I can get for around 3-4k later on go from
there,while using the Accord as a Daily.

What was everyone's first car they modded??(any good suggestions for a beginner enthusiast)?  

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