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'New' 1996 Honda Accord

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Posted: 07/09/13 07:27 AM

Hello everyone,

I am new to forums and to car modifications (not a gearhead) so if I am posting this thread in the wrong area, I apologize, but please bare with me for I am still wet behind the ears..  Confused

My Story/car history:
I recently came to own a 1996 Honda Accord Sedan, manual transmission 4-cylinder 2.2l vtec engine with 156k miles. It has an old, rusted CAI filter (that I need to replace) and duel exhaust tips that came with the car.

I have owned it for a little less than a month now and have already put a little work into it. I replaced front/back brake pads, both control arms, tie rod and attempted to fix the gauge cluster (it stopped counting miles the other day) so I know a LITTLE bit about the car and even less on what I am doing. But I have gotten my hands dirty and yes I like the feeling of fixing my own car, not to mention that it's cheaper too  Grin

So I like the whole DIY aspect, because it helps me learn more about my car and how it works, not to mention that it makes me be less dependent on mechanics that could tell me that I am in need for new exhaust system and 4 new tires because there is a unicorn in the muffler... (that was a joke)

But anyway, the whole reason for this thread is that I want to pick your guys' brains to see what you guys would recommend for me who has about $500 that I can put into my car now for upgrades/mods and where should I start.
I am thinking that I work from the bottom up, so suspension first? Is that a good place to start with modifications?

I don't want my car to have a loud roar when idling so I am trying to stay away from exhaust work.
I am more interested in a quiet sleeper if that makes sense....

This car is my only car as of now, so it's my project and every day car. I want this car to last me another 156-200k miles (if possible) but I would also like it to have some sort of performance upgrades for speed...

My goals:
- To 'build' a new CAI from scratch
- To eventually have a quiet sleeper car (natural aspiration) if that is even
possible I don't know if that defeats the purpose of a performance car

Sorry for making this an extremely long thread and being all over the place. I am just new to the world of  performance mods...
Thank you guys in advance for all of your input and wisdom.  Laugh  
I am not a gear head. But I am interested in learning how to fix/improve things with my new car.

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