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HELP! Want to Put an Accord 3.5L+ into a Porsche Boxtser

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Posted: 06/14/13 07:49 AM

I have a 2002 Porsche Boxster S that has a toasted engine. Rather than spend $6k on a re-manned Pcar engine that will have same problems I have decided to turn to the Honda community to see IF IT IS POSSIBLE! I have heard of Subaru engines, Audi engines, and larger Pcar engines being put in these cars but never a Honda. Why?

My Boxster S is around 2,000 lbs. without an engine and a convertible. Is it possible to get over 300HP out of the Honda engine without turbo or supercharging?

Also, integrating the ECU can be tricky since Porsche uses CAN system. Anyone have ideas on how it can be done? My wife has a Honda and it is fast with just a Cold Air Intake…besides Porsche is overpriced on ALL their parts.

Soo…I am turning to the Hona community to help me out! Trying to keep the build UNDER $5k.

Thanks in advance.  Grin  

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