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My first Honda-Running out of motivation

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Posted: 06/29/12 01:57 PM

I have gone through a plethora of vehicles over the years. I have owned everything thing from BMW to Toyota's. I refused to get a Civic, or a Honda for that matter due to the stereotype. Alas, I broke down and traded my 06 Suzuki GSXR 600 for a slammed Civic hatch with a B16. Being a complete Honda noob, I was unaware of the problems it had. The exhaust was complete garbage, it has a few wiring issues, and all the cheap routes taken. However, I love the car for what it is.

[B]Here is Day1.[/B]
DSC 0209 1

[B]Many months later:[/B]
I enjoyed how low it was, but I hated the stance. So after trading the wheels, I raised the car up a few inches and bought a cat back exhaust in the process. The HKS Hi-Power was really hard to find and it sounds great so far. Not too ricey like the Skunk2.
DSC 0377 2
DSC 0366 1

After months of title issues, I finally got the car under my name. The car isn't driven all that much if any. I will take it out on the weekends but as of now, she sits at home. After I splurged more than usual on family for Christmas, I bought a Seibon carbon fiber OEM hood. There was a dimple on the original hood and was bugging me. I also purchased a front lip (EBAY) and Spoon style spoiler and installed them a few weeks ago.
2 1

Yes I know. I am a pure ricer. I have yet to really touch the engine and suspension. I just bought a load of interior parts such as Bucket seats, harnesses, harness bar, Nardi wheel, NRG hub, NRG quick release. I am going to take my friend's advice and drive it and change what I feel is needed.
I am pretty sure I will need to rebuild the engine within a year or so. It is smoking when I get on the throttle. I am hoping the new test pipe and the second oxygen sensor installed willhelp the issue. Last guy used and OBD2 harness with only 1 O2 sensor. The new pipe will have an O2 bung so that I may use 2. I am debating on going with a high quality LS-Vtech or keep the B16. I believe the K series is too mainstream and I want to stay away from it. It is a FANTASTIC engine but everyone is going K-series.

I have also purchased a PIC master bearing set. I know I want to go with an ASR 24mm rear swear bar, but as for as the rest of the suspension, I am a tad ignorant in this area. I have a good idea as to what I want but I want to heavily track the car and go from there if possible. I did purchase a rear disc brake set from a user on Honda-Tech, so I am hoping that will help a little.

Here is where I am at now. As many of you already know.
I make very good money for my age. However, I have a crap load of bills thanks to an ex. So money is somewhat tight. I am trying to build up my savings (FINALLY) and keep my account at a specific number. So after a few months, I should be able to save a little more and continue to modify the car in the right direction.

[B]26 Feb 12.[/B]
Well most of my recent purchase have arrived and the rest will be here early this week. The next few days I will be prepping the car for the installation of the new components. A lot of cleaning is needing to be done! Will be removing those horrid speaker wires.
DSC 0171 1

[B]03 Mar 12[/B]
(Still waiting on Sparco for some hardware. Also my Nardi wheel should be in soon. The Corbeau harnesses will be in once the bar is installed.)
After spending 12 hours of fighting a seat, cutting carpet, and raging over hour; I finally made some progress. Here is the result of today's labor.


DSC 0172 1
DSC 0173 1
DSC 0174 1

[B]8 Mar 12[/B]

After work I thought it would be a good time to install my steering wheel and hub. Tis a real Nardi ordered from WekSos.
DSC 0176 1
DSC 0180 1
DSC 0184 01

[B]11 Mar 12[/B]

I completed the interior and replaced the HKS test pipe with a Megan racing resonator with a new OBX O2 sensor. I have an engine scanner on the way to help me figure what all is causing my CEL to be on. I have also ordered 2 new Timken front wheel bearings and should be doing the rear disc brake conversion next weekend when the Prop valve arrives. I am going to use integra E-brake cables and just cut the rubber grommet. I have some Proseal that I am going to use to cover some unwanted holes to reduce windnoise. Anyone in the Aviation industry can tell you how nasty proseal smells when its not mixed together. Think of rotten eggs.

DSC 0204 01
DSC 0198 01
DSC 0195 01

[B]24 Mar 12[/B]

Finally finished repainting the valve cover. After that, I drilled some holes in the exhaust flange so it will mate up to my resonator. My USDM P30 ECU arrived in the mail along with a Blox TPS sensor, obd2a-obd1 harness, and my final Timken wheel bearing. My Spoon Tension wires are on the way from Japan and my Hasport axles will be in Tuesday.

DSC 0247 01
DSC 0248 01

[B]30 Mar 12[/B]

I finished replacing the axles, outer tie rods, and a couple of ball joints. However, my oil pan needs to be replaced due to a drain plug that has torn out the threads and has sheared. I am not going to go through the trouble for a busted and JB welded oil pain. I am going to replace it with a Moroso and new gasket.

[B]11 Apr 12[/B]
The car is back on the ground. The Oil pan has been replaced and will begin to replace the fuel pump soon. I have quite a bit arriving in the mail this week so I started prepping for the new parts. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.
DSC 0309
DSC 0312

[B]12 APR 12[/B]
I was a tad bored today so I did a mach S2K push start install. I have another Emergency button set on the way to replace the current scratched button panel. The Emergency button will be on the right hand side while the defrost relocated in the glove box. I have no heat or A/C so I won't need it really. Not until Winter rolls around.

Here are a few pics of it installed in the USDM center console. The final product will be installed in the 96-98 Civic Type R Navigation Console. I will have to do a little wiring for the console to work the way I want but it will only be a total of 8 wires.
DSC 0316
DSC 0314 1
DSC 0317

[B]21 Apr 12[/B]
Well a few things came up and I had to move the starter button to a different location. About $5-70 later in electrical supplies, I finally have a new Sony headunit, Ek4 Navigation installed, and the starter button in. I may do a few more wiring solutions in order to get more power to the Sony so that I can get a little better sound.
Here are some pics take a while ago.
DSC 0324
DSC 0337

[B]26 Apr 12[/B]
Here is my next area of focus. I have replaced the radio and a couple of speakers in the car so I believe my interior is done for the most part. So I believe the Engine shall receive some attention next. This on may take a year or 2 to complete.
DSC 0005

[B]12 May 12[/B]
After much work I finally got the Edelbrock performer X intake manifold port matched to the 68mm throttle body. I also installed a new fuel rail while I was at it. I know its pretty much useless as far as adding power is concerned but I had to please the inner ricer inside. I am also in the process of deleting the charcoal canister and its lines. Since I am running an OBD1 ECU, I really don't need or care for it. It is not a daily driver, thus gas mileage does not concern me. I just need to connect the evap lines and it will be done. All that is left is to adjust the ignition timing, due to the replacement of the distributor and add coolant. I am hoping to have a LOT more done next month. Hoping to get a lot of overtime hours in with my new schedule.

DSC 0010

[B]10 Jun 12[/B]
Well a valve seal or 2 needs to be replaced so I am going to remove the engine, respray the bay, replace the valve train, replace the HG, head studs, mild wire tuck, new clutch, and a few other things while I am at it.

DSC 0041
DSC 0042  

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