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Need Help!!

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Joined: 04/12
Posted: 04/24/12 09:22 AM

I have a '96 Civic ex 1.6L Y8 motor. I recently replaced the head and now my gas milage has gone from 31mpg to about 21mpg. Any ideas why?
The check engine light also comes on but doesnt leave any codes to read.
And the motor self revs. Im having a ton of problems all at once. Any feed back would be great. Thanks  

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New User
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Posted: 09/29/13 04:44 PM

umm so your saying your engine self reves? could be a vacumm leak. check all the vacumm lines to make sure there no cuts, holes or missing lines, check the intake manifold for any air leaks around the little vacumm ports. ummm did you top dead center the block and the head.. and about the lose of mpg could be because you need new o2 sensors or your timing is off. replace the spark plugs too.  

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