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Head gasket, fuel, rings???????

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Posted: 02/15/12 06:36 PM

I have a 92 accord ex and I pulled the spark plugs and they were soaked in oil, so I changed the tube seals upper and lower. And I didn't want to do a head-gasket job just yet so I took the ez route and did the blue devil head-gasket fix and it worked. The car got 210K miles and now when I can't go far in the car it's not overheating but after it gets warm and I drive and come to a stop it shuts off and I have to set for awhile then it starts up fine. I thought it was a fuel problem it has a new fuel filter and today I let it just run for awhile and it was fine. And I thnk I might be getting some blow by. HELP!!!  

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Chris Hnnack
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Posted: 08/29/13 08:49 AM

dude its your atlernaterits not recharging your battery  

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