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You were new at one point - what's your story/opinion?

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Posted: 03/23/12 12:06 PM

I live near Philadelphia, and I drive a Black 96 Civic EX Coupe. I always loved civics (And Integras for that matter), and there are a couple of things i would absolutely love to do with my car. Now I'm not saying I'm expert mechanic or anything, but i did take some courses in automotive at my local Community College. If I ever do anything to this car, I have some friends that know more than I do, and you better believe I'm going to ge them on board. But back to what I was saying.
I want to drop in a b18c5, with intake, exhuast, a short shifter, and full coil overs, among other things. Yes I know it's ambitious, and yes I know it's expensive, and YES I know I probably sound like a lot of other beginners, but I do know that:
1) I AM NOT that experienced.
2) I will need help doing any of this.
3) It will cost around 6-10 Grand to do all this.
4) It will take time, this is not a fast process.

So all I would hope for in response to this article is a little point in the right path/direction to take. If anyone with knowledge, or who knows what I'm talking about has anything to say, please comment and help.
Much appreciated,

I'm that new kid on the block.
My car is pretty stock.
I love to drive my 6th gen civic.
It's a 96 ex coupe stickshift.
One day when i have the dough.
I'm gonna make my car a beast for sure.

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