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Tuning Woes....

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Posted: 02/27/12 04:32 PM

Hi guys I'm new here and new to Tuning & Mods...
I'm a Honda fanatic from when I was a teenager and saw my neighbor's brand new Honda Prelude... Now I'm finally at a position in life I want to get a new 9th Gen Si but I want it tuned and modded out ! Ok so what jerk.. you might be thinking.. LOL Problem is I'm not very mechanically experienced at least not a the level to drop in a Turbo (Headers, Manifold, ECU swap etc... you get the idea) So my big question.... Where the hell do I find a tuning shop ? I have searched extensively all over the net.. Tuning shops are available but they are American Muscle shops...(If they do imports they sure don't seem to have examples that would lend one to believe so)I see these fantastic Civics in mags and you tube and the like but if there are shops that do this kind of work (At a high level) They don't seem to be on the web.. If there are they sure as hell don't have much of a web presence because I have typed all kinds of search tags and parameters and have gone several pages deep and Nothing... Magazine listings, Parts, sure to no end.. actual Tuning or Speed shops (That work on HONDA) NOTHING ! I would love to find a shop in Florida (I live in Tampa) but I would transport the new car (When the US finally gets some) to any shop in the South East or even further if necessary.. If anyone knows a shop with a specific web site you could clue me in on.... Well thanks !


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