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Really NOOB. Prelude engine swap question. Please help

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Posted: 06/04/11 05:55 PM

Okay, so not everyone is super tech mechanic. Basically all I know, is that an Engine, is called an ENGINE. It has wires, and other black and grey confusing things in it, and it makes the car move. SUE MEEEEEEEE !! So please bare with me while I try to explain myself. But Im not a stupid person, and apparently my mechanics are stumped as well, so Im in need of a little help. So heres the scoop:

I have a Honda Prelude 1995. 4th Gen. SR-V (NON Vtec STOCK Engine.) My engine had a very bad leak and ended up needing to be changed immediately, last minute. So call me a fool, but me knowing nothing about cars and compatibility, hopped on kijiji guns blazing, searching for a new engine. I found one with low milage and what seemed to be all together and a VERY good price so i quickly bought it in haste to get my car back on the road as soon as possible as my lifestyle DEMANDS a vehicle, END OF STORY, school, work, p*ussy, everything in different cities ! the engine turned out to be missing a few parts ( BIG SURPRISE) but thats not really the issue..yet. What was missing was the vtec solenoid, which i bought, and im under the impression that the wiring harness (stock) in my car should wire up fine, providing i use a seprete wire to run to the solenoid ( again, i have no idea wtf im talking about, im just going from what i remember the vtec mechanic saying to my neiborhood mechanic) The problem im afraid is going to arise is the fact that the engine i bought was OBD2 when im hearing the honda prelude i have is made for OBD1 model engines. So in short what im asking is, What kind of problems would i run into trying to swap my Stock NON VTEC engine (OB1) for this new VTEC engine (OB2 H22A i believe) and what kind of solutions are there to correct, spending the least amount of money. (example: the vtec mechanic actually told me that OB2 engines need TWO ecus? if thats the case then im f*ucked Right then and there as I only bought one, not to mention that ecu might be for a OB1 engine, but then again does that even matter? as u can see im pretty mixed up!) Any help would be much appreciated THANKS!


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Posted: 06/05/11 03:09 PM

You shouldnt run into any major problems at all really. If you use your old OBD1 engine harness, and swap all the parts from the H22 to OBD1 that dont connect up to that harness (injectors, distributor) then it should work just fine. OBD2 engines do NOT run 2 ECU's either lol, they just run off 1 like any other car. You will need an OBD1 VTEC ECU if you want to utilize your engines VTEC though, but that shouldnt be to hard to find. You can run OBD1 ECU's on OBD2 engines just fine.  

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