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Rotrex SuperCharger retrofit for F-series (F22ax and F22bx)

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Posted: 04/22/11 06:10 PM

Love the magazine!!  I have been reading it for 6 years now.
I was reading the write up in Modified ( May 09') about the rotrex superchargers.  Since it was written in the context of HONDA I felt that I should ask HT.  My problem and issue is that Kraftwerks is only making them for the civic Si, rsx, s2000 , and the Fit.  They did not make a kit for the any  honda engine made before 2003.  I have done some research and found out that all of the honda engines made prior to 2003 spun counter clockwise, but the rotrex supercharger spins clockwise.  Therefore, fitment and rotation are an issue.    I was wondering if you guys at HT would do a special project on installing rotrex kits on older honda motors such as D15, F22ax or F22bx which have lots of potential (ask Bisi, he knows)?  I ask about these motors because they are always considered as useless and are swapped for b-series and/or h-series motors. What would you recommend?  I am thinking about trying it on my Accord.  Any thoughts?  

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