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What engine?

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Posted: 06/04/10 06:50 PM

Im beginning a 1994 prelude build an im wondering what would be the best engine to drop in it? Its going to get a complete rebuild with a turbo an all.
Any help would be greatly appreceiated,thanks in advance.  

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Posted: 06/08/10 03:01 AM

It all depends on your budget really. If money isnt an option and you know your way around a car, then possibly a K swap or even a J swap if you want to be different. H22's would be the cheapest and easiest way if you want a swap since they come in preludes. Its really all up to you tho and what you plan on doing with the car, goals, ect..  

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Posted: 08/13/10 08:26 PM

I would personally stay away from the K swap because of instal issues. Not my car. I have a 99 prelude with 106 thousand on the odometer. Intake and exhaust with rims and my usual defining stereo system. If the engine goes, another h22 is going in. Remember, there's no replacement for displacement. Especially, if you're going forced air. Downfall? Sleeving the cylinders for forged pistons. That's assuming it's getting done right. Mahle has a drop in forged set but I haven't read any real life beating tests. Good Luck. Hope I helped a little.  

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