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Swapping 14"s for 17"s

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Posted: 05/13/10 07:49 PM

I'm new to the tuner scene and have had my 89 Accord for a couple months now.I recently got a set of 17" BBS rims with 205(I think)tires.My problem is on the front they scrub the arm thats at the coil.Not bad but still a scrub.My question is the easiest way to raise it enough so my tire will not scrub.Cheapest too.And then whats the best because I want to eventually swap the suspension out.  

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Posted: 07/16/10 02:32 PM

Wut are the size of the rims, 17? Wut is the current tire size u have now. u should be running a 215-40-r17. raising the car will cause problems later on becasue when u get a lowering kit u are goin to get the same coil spring clearence around so if u were to raise it now an have the wheels wrk. once u put in back donw with a lowering kit the coils goin to be right back even more behind the tire. the 205 is the width of the tire an the middle number is how much percent of ur width is ur sidewall, example a 215-40-r17 is 215mm wide an the height is 40% of the 215mm which is 86mm tall u dont wnt to go any taller then tht or u will have sum issues hard to fix, an as for lowerin it, jus dont do coil overs unless u want one hell of a rock hard ride have fun bud an good luck  

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Posted: 07/19/10 08:01 AM

i agree that the tire size is most likely a 215/40. the good news is if these rims are 17x7, 17x6.5, etc. like many BBS wheels are, you have a good number of different tire sizes you can play with. rather than raising the car, try some different tire sizes, as one is sure to fit perfectly. This will give you the best look without taking away from ride quality, and will give you a good starting point going forward for your suspension mods.  

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