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Wheel Fitment

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Posted: 03/28/10 08:18 AM

I am looking for advise on wheel fitment for my 2008 Accord Tourer 2.2 diesel it is a european model not sold in the states.  What I would like to go with on my ride is 20s but some people are telling not to go over 19 inch rims. I am just looking for a clear cut answer and why not to go with 20s, is it because of tire rub or ABS problems or something else.  I was looking at going with 20x8.5 on the front with 245 tires and 20x10 on the rear with 275s.  You can go to and check out the white stationwagon on their site that is the car I have and I am trying to get the same look.  I am looking for some feedback from uninterested parties not somebody trying to make a sale. So what do you think 20s or 19s....  

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Posted: 05/30/10 07:48 PM

Please post the stock wheel/tire size.  

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