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I want to boost my d16y7 in my ek sedan

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Posted: 05/19/09 12:18 PM

i need help with all the parts i need. what is all the parts i need apart from the turbo kit.  

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Posted: 06/09/09 07:58 AM

you shouldn't need anything else besides a boost controller, air/fuel gauge, and boost gauge, and a turbo timer if you want to run one. The only way you should need anything else is if you are running a high boost application, then you will at least have to get pistons. And if it was me, and i was running more than 12-16psi, i would run connecting rods, pistons. Also if you have the funds availble i would get the block sleeved, it will be pretty much bullet proof, and you could easily run over 20psi with no problems.  
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Posted: 03/12/10 05:23 PM

I also have this engine on my 1999 Civic LX. I was thinking of either swapping the engine or just getting a bolt-on turbo. But my car has 214,000 miles on it, so I didn't know if my car would last long after the turbo is installed.
How many miles do engines usually last?  

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