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engine choice for 92 prelude sohc

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Posted: 04/11/09 02:54 PM

ive just finished replacing most of the original chasis and entire rear brake system, as well as some other things to keep it a daily driver, and have come to the point where i need to start considering my options for what i want out of this car. it is my first honda and so far its been fun to work on.  ive been looking into engine swaps and with the prosepect of turbo(s) and nitrous am trying to decide what i should start shopping and planning for.  a k24 engine with an integra rs 6 speed is a far easier choice technically than what i am dreaming of.  realistically im wondering if there is any way to use an f20c s2000 engine with any transmission to fit into my project. im open to fabricating but would like to stay away from rear engine or rear wheel drive.  any input may prove very helpful not only in planning my options but protecting my wallet. thanks  

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