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HELP!! - Radio Dead?

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Posted: 01/10/09 08:04 PM

Hey There!
Hope someone out there can help me on this one.

I have an '09 Honda Fit Sport and just took it to a car audio place to have my sat. radio installed.  Apparently they aren't very good at installation...

I went to pick up my car and they told me that they unhooked the battery for the install and needed me to go to my dealer to have my radio code inputted.  I told them I had the code and could get it for them (in the glove box).  BUT, apparently they can't even get power to the radio and therefore can't even get to the point where they can input the code!  They told me to go to my dealer (45 min drive away) and get them to fix the problem for me...frustrating.

Is the radio dead?  What could have been the problem?  I also have no power locks, no internal light, no reminder tone for lights left on or keys in ignition.  How big of a deal will this be?

Can I do something here at home?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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Posted: 05/04/09 06:46 PM

firt thing is to check all of your fuses. the chimes are all controled by the integrated controle unit, located on the back side of the under dash fuse box. the ICU may be fused. i dont remember. hope that helps  

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Posted: 10/15/09 07:49 PM

Sounds like ur dash fuse went out.look on ur fuse box there should be a diagram.ez problem 2 fix.there idiots althou I have to say.cause something they did caused the fuse 2 blow.

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Posted: 06/04/10 06:18 PM

i put a B18b in a 1993 civic hatch,bored it 40 over high compression pistons.about to install external ignition,fuel rail n pump, what cams should i install???? looking for more horse power want to race it on the track n street. any suggestions would be appreciated


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