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Honda needs AWD Turbo

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Posted: 12/12/08 02:18 PM

Honda/Acura should take the turbo SH-AWD from the RDX and put it in something like the TSX to have something to compete with the STI and EVO. Even the SRT-4, Cobalt SS and Mazda Speed3 have turbo. Honda makes the best NA engines in my opinion but it would be nice to have soem tubo versions of cars.  
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Posted: 10/15/10 07:49 PM

Honda does or at least did have a couple gasoline turbo cars like the Honda City, but never sold in the US.  They also have been making 4WD counterparts of the Civic, Accord, Integra for at least the last 20 years.  However, most of the models had underpowered D16 engines, there was a version of the Integra  was 4WD and had a powerful B18C which was pretty awesome.    Again never sold in the US.  

I really don't understand why Honda doesn't at least try selling these models here in the US.  I am sure they would do very well.  

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Posted: 12/19/10 08:45 AM

if they sold it in the U.S. that would be awesome  

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Posted: 12/19/10 09:44 AM

In my opinion they dont need to do that to compete with an STI, EVO, or SRT-4. I dont have any probably beating them cars all motor (swapped of course). The way I see it is if you want to race one of them and you cant beat them all motor, buy a turbo kit and a tune and it'll definitely make a difference. If you think about it, an AWD integra Type R would be way slower than even a FWD GSR or even probably an LS because of the power loss due to so much drive train. They would almost have to turbo it for it to be decent and fun, but then the cost to buy one of those cars would probably be real high.  

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